Thomas Hemmett

My name is Thomas Hemmet, I’m 22 years old & I work in Construction Management.

I came to Royal Rehab Private, after 4 weeks in Macquarie University Hospital, for a bleed on the brain.

My main goal to achieve at Royal Rehab Private, was to learn to walk unassisted again. I am pleased to say that after just 2 ½ weeks working with the team at Royal Rehab Private, I am leaving confident in walking on my own.

The staff at Royal Rehab Private are really great, they kept me busy with a full program of activity for every day.

Each night I’d be given a timetable of what the next day would hold.

I worked closely with Katie, my Physio, in the gym – we did loads of different exercises to help get me back walking – squats, lunges, bar exercises – it was a full work out!

I’ll be coming back to Royal Rehab Private as an Outpatient to continue my physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and occupational therapy, and continue to improve my recovery.

I’d highly recommend Royal Rehab Private.