Information for GP’s

Admission Criteria
To be eligible to attend the Day Program, clients need to meet the following criteria:
– Established and achievable rehabilitation goals
– Require the involvement of a multidisciplinary team – 2 or more disciplines
– Be able to participate in a minimum of 1.5 hours of therapy per day
– Require up to, but not exceeding, 1 clinician per session (1:1 therapy)
– Be fully funded through their health fund, third party stakeholder (DVA, CTP, Workers Compensation) or willing to self-fund the sessions.
– Be independent mobilising between sessions (or family member/carer available to assist)
– Be independent in all areas of personal care (or family member/carer available to assist)

Referral Process
– Referral received via fax or email sent to the Program Coordinator.
F: (02) 9475 0497
Please find a copy of the referral form here. Alternatively, a doctor’s letter is acceptable.
– A medical clearance form is required for client’s wishing to participate in a hydrotherapy program. Please find a copy of the Hydrotherapy clearance form here.
– A Health Fund check is completed to determine if the client’s insurer will fund their rehabilitation program. Please note, our program does not currently have an agreement with BUPA or NIB to fund a Day Program.
– Day Program Coordinator reviews and accepts referral.
– Medical review appointment made for Royal Rehab Private Rehabilitation Specialist to review client’s goals and program.