General Information

Facility Access

We are a part of the Royal Rehab campus.

Our reception and gym is located behind the main building, and can be found within the Community Hall building.

This can be accessed via Susan Schardt Way (off Charles St) or walk through the main building and towards the Recreation Circle.

The Hydrotherapy Pool is located on the lower ground floor of the main building.


There are a few options for parking in/near Royal Rehab.

  • Car park at the front of the main building, accessed via Morrison Road. Enter the main building through the front entrance and into the foyer. Take the steps/elevator down to the ground floor. Walk out the glass doors towards the tennis courts. The Community Hall will be on your right hand side. Our office is at the end of the building, look out for the purple signage.
  • Recreation Circle Parking—accessed via Susan Schardt Way, off Charles Street. Limited parking however there are numerous Disabled Parking spaces around the Recreation Circle.
  • Outpatient Short Term Parking—accessed via Susan Schardt Way, off Charles Street. Drive around the Recreation Circle until you reach the booomgate. Press the button for access to park for 3 hours.
  • Offsite Street Parking—can be found on local streets all around the Centre. Please pay attention to local parking signage and be mindful of our neighbours.

Your Wellbeing & Infection Control

We take everyone’s health and safety very seriously.

If you are feeling unwell, particularly with flu or gastro symptoms, please call us to cancel your appointments.

Pool Safety & Regulations

Every person is required to be medically cleared to use the pool.

Anyone with gastro-like symptoms (vomiting and/or diarrhea) are not permitted to use the pool for two weeks. This is a NSW Health Policy.

All wounds must be covered with a waterproof dressing prior to getting into the pool.

Post-Operative Wound Management

For nursing referrals related to wound care, it is important to note that only wounds related to the primary referral (i.e. surgical wounds) can be reviewed by the nursing staff. Issues such as skin tears or chronic wounds cannot be managed by the program nursing staff. Ongoing treatment and dressing changes are not offered within the program.