Fees and Charges


Royal Rehab Private Inpatients accepts patients who:

  • have private health insurance
  • have workers compensation
  • are accepted for the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme (iCare)
  • are self-funded—please contact our Referral Coordinator to obtain a quote if self-funding

Royal Rehab accepts patients from most health insurance funds—please contact our Referral Coordinator to ascertain if you are covered for rehabilitation.

After our Referral Co-ordinator processes your referral, we will conduct  a health fund check.  Fees and charges are dependent upon your health fund and your level of cover. We suggest you check with your health fund to find out whether it has any:

  • exclusions
  • excess
  • co-payment

applicable to your level of cover.

Our Admissions Officer will be able to provide you with a fees estimate only for your hospital stay. Please note, this estimate does not cover fees for the following services:

  • radiology
  • pharmacy
  • pathology

The above services are third-party providers therefore their fees may be billed separately and sent to you directly to pay.

Am I adequately covered for private hospital care?

Outpatient Services

There are several options with regards to funding for your rehabilitation program.

  1. Private Health Insurance
    This will depend on the policy you hold with your particular insurer. Each provider and policy is different – please contact your provider directly if you have questions about the type of policy you hold and what it covers. Please note, currently we do not have an agreement with BUPA or NIB to fund services for their policy holders.
  2. DVA
    The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) issues health cards to veterans, their war widows and widowers and dependants to ensure they have access to health and other care services. Please check with the DVA to determine your level of medical or therapy cover.
  3. Self-funding/Sessional 
Sessional 1:1 1 hour $160
Sessional Group 1 hour $100
Hydrotherapy/Health & Wellbeing Silver Package 10 sessions $250
  1. CTP/WorkCover/Other Third Party Stakeholders
    Written approval must be received prior to your program commencing.

Cancellation Policy

It is important to note if you are unable to attend your scheduled program therapies, you must contact the office as soon as possible. Health funds will only fund your “day program” if all scheduled therapies are attended. If you are unable to attend all your scheduled therapies, or cancel without 24 hours notice, sessional charges may be applied.