Admission Process

Inpatient Pre-Admission

Our admission process is quick and easy. Upon receiving your Royal Rehab Private Inpatient Referral form, our Referral Coordinator will conduct a pre-admission assessment to determine if you’re suitable for an inpatient rehabilitation program. Once approved, your admission to Royal Rehab Private will be arranged by our Referral Co-ordinator.

Should our funded programs not meet your requirements our Referral Coordinator will make suggestions as to a more suitable alternative.

Referrals to Royal Rehab Private may be made by staff from other hospitals or your GP.


Upon arrival at Royal Rehab Private you will be assessed by the Medical Officer and nursing staff. You will be visited by the Admissions Officer and advised of any out-of-pocket expenses. The allied health members of your rehab team will assess you as soon as possible and your rehabilitation treatment plan will be established and all therapies scheduled. Following the first case conference your estimated date of discharge will be confirmed. Our Patient Care Coordinator will liaise with you to ensure you understand and are happy with your schedule. They will answer any questions you may have about your rehabilitation plan and therapy program.