Accreditation and risk management

What are the benefits of accreditation?

Accreditation provides our patients, families, carers and referrers with the assurance that our services are being regularly reviewed by an external agency. This guarantees that we meet expected levels of safety and quality. Accreditation is important to us because we’re always trying to improve our services so we can provide the best outcomes for our clients.

Our Accreditation

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) has awarded Royal Rehab Private, as a brand new facility,interim accreditation against the National Safety and Quality Healthcare Standards, valid until December 2014. We are scheduled to undertake a full accreditation survey in November of 2014 based on the full benefit of our performance in our first year of operation.

Accreditation feedback

In the December 2013 interim accreditation on-site survey report, the ACHS Survey Team commented very positively about our obvious commitment to patient focused care, and the staff recruitment and training policies which support it.

They also found a strong commitment to ‘Partnering with Consumers’ at Royal Rehab Private through both our policies and practices. Patients are represented at Board Committee level and have participated in designing care, services and the new facility.

Risk management

The Board and senior management at Royal Rehab Private have a firm commitment to effective risk management. This is based on a strong organisational culture, robust policies and procedures and awareness of risk at all levels of our organisation. We encourage a risk-informed workforce and culture.

Risk management is supported by a program of education, training and development for staff at all levels. From our clinicians who treat our clients on a daily basis to executive management, risks are regularly reviewed and resources allocated for their mitigation and management.